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 Tay'Ul Ravish (1 of 4)

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PostSubject: Tay'Ul Ravish (1 of 4)   Thu Aug 14, 2014 10:43 pm

Real Name: Tay'Ul Ravish (Clan/Family name first, given name second)
Other Aliases: The Eclipse, The Conqueror, The final knight of Tay'Ul
Abilities: Gravity manipulation, others to be added
Weapons (Can have none): A unique weapon that infuses a warhammer and a sling titled "The Bloodeater" it has a handle like a warhammer, but where the hammer would tend to end is a sling/chamber to hold items in. Due to his gravity manipulation, he can throw the item in it or make it so heaven that when he could explode a head with only pressure, without effort.
Gender: Male
Race (Human, Alien, ETC): Long lost race of the shadows, their true name is unknown and apparently unpronounceable
Affiliation (Teams): The Eclipse Federation

Birthplace: Unknown
Birth Date: Unknown
Age: Unknown but old

Appearance: Black skin, not like Africans but BLACK!. It's why his race was called the shadows, due to how dark the skin is, the whiteness of their teeth and eyes pierce a soul with fear. Occasionally Tay'Ul Ravish will have red face paint if he's meeting with allies, despite that it would mean warpaint in our culture, it tends to send a vibe of good intentions.

Appearance continued: He wears an armor made out of only metal but a rare metal not known to most that can withstand more damage, due to what it can withstand, it can survive strong gravity. He has no helmet and no hair, he has a large thick tail that pokes out his armor as well.

Personality: Ominous, reasonable, powerful.
Theme Song:

Backstory: The last known 'shadow' not much is known of his past or his species past. Currently he reigns over a large portion of a far off galaxy that's unreachable to all military forces outside due to Tay'Ul's gravity field around it, it's known as 'The Dark Sector' due to that. He also created and controls a small elite militia known as The Eclipse Federation, in which he has taken the best leaders of the strongest planets he's conquered and instead of executing them, he's had them lead small branches of his Eclipse Federation.

Extras: In case it wasn't clear, he's a far off villain and won't be taken down in one RP
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Tay'Ul Ravish (1 of 4)
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