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 Harvester (4 of 4)

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PostSubject: Harvester (4 of 4)   Thu Aug 14, 2014 10:43 pm

Villain Title: Harvester
Abilities: Invincibility, flight, laser beams
Weapons: Lasers
Gender: none
Race (Human, Alien, ETC): Robotic AI
Affiliation (Teams): The Eclipse Federation

Birthplace: Unknown
Birth Date: Non-existant
Age: Unknown

Appearance: Looks like a robot (My brain isn't working as well after 4 Villains)
Personality: Calculating, Brutally Honest, Peaceful

Backstory: Created by slaves of Tay'Ul, Harvester has been at Tay'Ul's side for hundreds of years, it knows the most about Tay'Ul and is the loyalest due to it's settings, it views Tay'Ul as an owner and nothing more. It has been the strategist for Tay'Ul since creation and is one of the main reasons Tay'Ul has so much power, Harvester is also the weakest in Tay'Ul's four main allies.

Extras: Just gonna add this here, Thandal is the Advisor, Cloaker is the Diplomar and Harvester is the strategist.
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Harvester (4 of 4)
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