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 General Thandal (2 of 4)

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PostSubject: General Thandal (2 of 4)   Thu Aug 14, 2014 10:43 pm

Villain Title: General Thandal
Other Alias: Lunar, General, The Armada
Abilities: Super strength (Compared to others, not his species) poisonous bite
Weapons (Can have none): A ejectable saber
Gender: Female
Race (Human, Alien, ETC): Halvakian (Human looking but with scales)
Affiliation (Teams): The Eclipse Federation

Birthplace: Halvak
Birth Date: Unknown
Age: 237

Appearance: A stern tough face, short blonde hair, costume constantly varied.
Personality: Tough, Easily Angered, tactical.

Backstory: At the age of 40, Private Thandal was at war with Tay'Ul Ravish, at the age of 80 she had quickly scaled up the ranks to General, by the age of 100, Tay'Ul Ravish had conquered her planet, the next year, Tay'Ul put her in charge of his largest military fleet. After 100 years had past, Thandal quickly became Tay'Ul's closest ally and trusted adviser while still leading the fleet.

Extras (Optional): The second most power person in the Dark Sectors besides Tay'Ul.
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General Thandal (2 of 4)
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