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 Cloaker (3 of 4)

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PostSubject: Cloaker (3 of 4)   Thu Aug 14, 2014 10:44 pm

Real Name: Alok Tangaris (In Tay'Ul's language, it means Cow Intestines)
Villain Title: Cloaker
Other Aliases: The Sun, Fallen Angel, The Cow
Abilities: Mind Control, invisibility, reading minds
Weapons (Can have none): none
Gender: Male
Race (Human, Alien, ETC): Synthetic
Affiliation (Teams): The Eclipse Federation

Birthplace: Created on a ship
Birth Date: Unknown
Age: 14

Appearance: His appearance often changes constantly due to a failed experiment, so does his clothes, but he has a tattoo on his right eye to tell him apart from others, the tattoo looks like a tribal one.
Personality: Anxious, Childish, cut-throat.

Backstory: He was created by Tay'Ul Ravish as Tay'Ul wanted a child but did not want to have him be mixed with an inferior woman. Harvester formed him in a lab due to the request of Tay'Ul, using the DNA of all the best fighters in the world of every species. Due to Cloaker's childish ways. in anger, Tay'Ul named him Alok Tangaris which meant Cow Intestines. Also due to his childish ways, Tay'Ul will send him into meetings with new allies, as he comes off friendlier than Tay'Ul. Cloaker has been training with the best fighters of the Dark Sector since birth and his hand to hand skills could rival Tay'Ul's by now.

Extra: He is commonly thought of as Tay'Ul's diplomat
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Cloaker (3 of 4)
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